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Try a tool made to help you figure out how to make money through the understanding of the functions involved in any business.

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Modelo de Negócio Canvas

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The Business Model defines what your company does, how it will generate revenue and sustain themselves in the market. Set the Model is the first step to a successful business.

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Cross-platform and Open Source

Fully Web, Web2Canvas is available independent of your OS.
Furthermore it is Open Source and have no license cost is free!

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Cross-platform e Open Source

Why Model Canvas?

Because it is a quick and easy way to test various business models to a new company or a new project.

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Design responsivo

A platform in constant construction

The Web2Canvas is an open source platform that has not been finalized. For this may present Instabilities during use.
Use with caution.

Cross-platform e Open Source

The Web2Canvas is a visual guide to building your business model.

9 blocks to model your business

After reflecting on each block, annotate and relate their ideas, you'll discover how to differentiate their enterprise, reduce costs and raise revenue. Make your account and create your Canvas Now!

Value Proposition

What's your package of products and services and the value it has for customers.

Main Activities

List actions/tasks important that your company must meet as a Value Proposition and Business Model to your work.

Key Features

Most important resources required to operate the Business Model.

Key partnerships

Network of suppliers and partners that help your company run.

Cost structure

All costs involved in the operation of your Business Model.

Customer segment

Who are the customers you want to meet? They have a specific profile? How are they grouped? How are you located? There is a common need?

Customer Relationship

Types of relationships that a company establishes with Customer segment to win them and keep them.


How your company communicates and reaches its customers to deliver a Value Proposition.


Money the company generates. How much and how you will get customers.

The Canvas is a business model that indicates the potential for an idea of the digital economy becoming a profitable product... "

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